THE R4 METHOD: transform your body and energy with zero food restriction

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This month I'm looking for 5 high performers over 35 who want help transforming their bodies with a whole new level of energy and direction. Once you've finished watching the video, book your call below.

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To The Burnt Out High Performer

It can already be a challenge to keep on top of your health, waistline and energy at the best of times. But when you start to hit this next phase of your life where you can tell hormones are starting to change, energy has started to drop and it’s become harder and harder to keep the waistline at bay.

After working with 100s of high functioning individuals that have tried everything under the sun and spent thousands on coaches, diets and programs that are longer working, I know this is the ONLY way forward for you to truly take control of your health and body when nothing else works like it used to.

But make no mistake... this doesn’t mean you can just “workout” and “eat clean” and the problem disappears.

If that was the case you’d see a lot more people walking around with their dream bodies.
Reality is... no “habit change” works until you discover exactly what’s holding YOUR body back right now.

And that biological “thing” holding you back is different for everyone (unlike what the gurus pushing cookie-cutter workouts for all shapes and sizes will tell you).

Right now, your body is working against you. Your hormones are suffering, your sleep is broken, you drag yourself through the day and on top of that you’re watching and worrying about everything you eat.

This is not the first time you’re diving into ways to drop weight, but this IS the first time you’re going to take REAL value away with you and learn what your body is going through right now and why your body is just not responding the same way.

I’m about to share with you what most “coaches” either completely disregard or aren’t even aware of, that allow you to strip back the extra body fat while staying strong, energetic and athletic for the rest of your life.

If you are driven to see progress, you want to be a role model for your kids, partner or colleagues or simply feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your bodies again after seeing a slow deterioration then you're going to want to keep reading…

WARNING: Getting these kind of results doesn’t come from a magic pill or superfood, you still have to actually put in the work…

The 3 Crucial FOCUS Adjustments I Coach My Private Clients

This is designed SPECIFICALLY for the exact stage of life that you’re currently going through to bring back the structure, accountability, and RESULTS that will improve your enjoyment, connection, and ultimately fulfilment in a body you can feel great in because you have put yourself back on the priority list.

We get rid of all the fluff and focus on facts and science that will upgrade every aspect of transforming your body and life.

Many of my clients had been stuck for 2, 5, 10+ years before working with me, not because they lacked drive or work ethic (much the opposite!). But because they followed outdated and ineffective (sometimes harmful) nutrition and diet methods that left them with nothing but chronic fatigue, low energy and stagnation…

They were busy doing things like:

- Restrictive diets or shakes that were actually hurting their progress, energy and hormones
- Focusing on getting back to their “old routine” but not seeing the same results
- Forcing themselves to exercise, overworked, and under-recovered
-"Rewarding" themselves with food after exercise and not eating if they didn't exercise

They were doing all these “normal” diets and nutrition methods, and wondering why they were being left with minimal to NO results…

If you’re like most of my clients... your body and your hormones are likely working against you right now.

And it’s not entirely your fault, because you’re probably ”working hard in the gym” and "watching what you eat" like a lot of my clients when we first meet.

You can blame the massive mountains of misinformation and cookie-cutter programs pedalled by people out of touch with the reality of a busy, high performer.

See... I get on calls with these amazing people every day that are not lazy in the slightest, in fact they’re the opposite. They’re doing everything in their power to keep this weight at bay, fighting off that next belt hole up.

But when you’re not looking after these vital “Health Levers” and your energy and mood is constantly dragging you down it will always feel like a daily challenge to even get out the door.

Yet you, and thousands of high performers like you, put on your work clothes, put on the professional face and walk out the door with coffee in hand.

You may “look” fine on the outside, yet on the inside you feel broken, you feel drained.

What I want to arm you with is the ability to take control and REVERSE this decline, that sadly so many people just accept, and their health and quality of life goes down with it.

We will take you through step by step how to take control of the reins, reset the metabolism, and regain a whole new path free from dieting and suffering without results, in an intelligent, and holistic manner.

BTW this wasn’t uncovered merely by trial and error… This was handpicked while working with the TOP experts in their respective fields and investing HEAVILY (collectively over $80k in courses, degrees and mentors…) into experts in their field to see what these gaps in the common approach really were that made ALL the difference.

Things are harder now, and even though you've been trying just as hard, (if not harder), things just don't feel right. This is where most programs fail and where we get started!


Pillar 1: RESET

Where you are right now, is where many of our clients have been before. You have tried your fair share of diets, supplements, and gruelling programs to try to lose weight before.

It may have even worked… yet where you are right now, is in a position where you feel this strain on not only yourself, but on your support network, family, and colleagues. No matter what you do you feel like your body is failing you.

I have so many busy motivated and driven individuals come to me looking to get in great shape and very often they wonder why I start with them doing LESS…

If you're stuck getting back into shape, one of the best things you can do is step back and optimize your Health Anchors.

How to tell if you're fighting an uphill battle:

- You feel that no matter how “clean” you eat your energy is terrible.
- Your joints, muscles, and ligaments ache, and you feel sluggish.
- Your motivation and energy is chronically low and you get through the day strapped to a coffee.
- You feel constantly stressed, anxious or down all day.
- You wake up a couple times a night and never feel well rested in the morning.

If you can get back to feeling GREAT again and optimize these simple (but overlooked) elements of digestion and cellular health, everything else will fall in line seamlessly.

How do I fix this?

Look at what you can absorb, not what you eat.

90% of foods in your supermarket are processed beyond belief, and even many of the so called "health" foods are hugely inflammatory, which really messes up the regulation of your gut and inflammation response, leading to low energy, stalled fat loss, and minimal recovery.

Pillar 2: REPAIR

Nearly every sport on the planet has an external goal… Score a goal, jump a certain height, finish in a certain time, etc.

So we are ALL conditioned into counting reps, hitting deadlines, and looking for external measures rather than listening to what’s REALLY going on. 
There is no way to measure "quality" but this is exactly what we all do and run into more roadblocks than results.

In many of my videos I explain the importance of this internal awareness, that saves so much on tests and screening, simply by LISTENING to what your body is telling you - we will take you through what you’re looking for.

This allows you to MAXIMISE performance, adjust your food choices to stop feeling so sluggish, and drop body fat effortlessly that will serve you LONG TERM.

If you could maximise your results with less time spent counting calories or relying on the next shipment of shakes and supplements to arrive, wouldn't you want to shift your nutrition focus?

If you switch your focus and really get familiar with what is actually happening to your body, and what it is really telling you, you will be so much more in control of your food choices, and how to adjust course when you feel a little off… Rather than simply sticking to a plan and HOPING it works...

This GAP in awareness is holding SO many high performers back because they’re so conditioned to just push through. Yet with this skillset alone, it could become your secret weapon to more energy, more mental clarity and more enthusiasm to go further!


I am confident that by phase 3 you’ll feel so much further ahead than your previous self, you’ll know why and WHERE you went wrong in the past, and you'll know now WHY your body just wasn’t responding the same.

The goal of this phase will be to remove time-sapping cardio or energy draining workouts and replace them to upgrade the metabolism further, make your hormones work for you, and ultimately solidify the habits that will serve you in every area of your life as a high performer.

We will be showing you how this journey is upgrading your hormones, how this plays a vital role in your hormones. How to implement action steps for digestion, productivity, and circadian rhythm (better sleep and energy) as well as the game plan for those out-of-routine occasions, and how to splurge the right way to future proof your approach to nutrition - where ALL diets go wrong!

This phase will be the nail in the coffin for your worrying about calories, and the shackles of dieting to feel energetic, HAPPY and healthy!


If you have read this far, it's fair to say that this is important for you because it is genuinely affecting your outlook and confidence as an individual.

You know that you need to face this now, because it doesn't get easier if you dive back into work, and come back to it in 5 years. I've had plenty of calls with men and women, admitting to me that leaving it this long was one of their biggest regrets…

You want to feel like you have actionable steps you can take to upgrade your energy, mood, and ultimately quality of life, and to feel like you're making STRIDES towards dropping that stubborn weight, without the restrictive diets, pills, and confusing plans.

You want to know that the foods you are eating are enhancing your results, not hurting them, and that you actually ENJOY eating again!

And most importantly, you want to feel like you have control over the process, so you feel confident in your own skin, and that you know all the work you are putting in, is showing through.

If that is you, then I want to invite you to book a call with me, so I can help you apply this framework directly to you, and build out your personal roadmap.

And if you're a good fit, you may be invited into my private coaching platform, to help you personally through this journey every step of the way, and to remove all the deeper limitations that are holding you back so you're not left counting calories ever again.


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